Colorado Elk Hunting: Trophy Elk, Cow Elk, Mule Deer

Discover: Southern Colorado Elk Hunting on Private Land

Southern Colorado continues to be the state’s # 1 trophy elk producing area. The main reason – simple: better age ratios (older bulls) and less hunting pressure. Our Southern Colorado elk hunting offer these key elements, plus the added advantage to hunt elk, mule deer on well managed private ranches at prices competitive with many public land hunts.

Free Ranging Resident Elk Herds: Over 100 Square Miles of Southern Colorado Class A Elk Habitat & World Class Genetics.

Our terrain is very diversified ranging in elevation from 6,000 to 9,500 ft. from cedar and pinon lowland to oak brush and pine foothills, mesas, canyons and draws to the alpine, as- pen and high parks. Elk are extremely hardy and adaptable and have established residency in just about every geo- graphical region in Southern Colorado from 4,000 to above timberline. Southern Colorado’s elk herds have the highest bull / cow ratios, age ratios & much less hunting pressure than the western side of the state, which means “older bulls and more of them.”

Colorado Elk Hunting has been affected by the drought. Limited water sources are key successful elk hunting.

Extreme drought conditions have impacted Colorado elk hunting seasons statewide in the past several years. These tough, adverse conditions make us realize how fortunate we are to have top professional guides and such vast holdings of exceptional quality private land necessary to produce the level of trophy class game elk, mule deer with overall kill success that we achieved during our past hunts.

40 Bull Elk Scoring from 350 to 390 Points Taken during the Last 5 Years!

Our Ten Year Average for Hunting Success:

  • ARCHERY SEASON: 100% PLUS Shooting Opportunity, 42% Kill Success.
  • FIRST RIFLE ELK SEASON: 100% PLUS Shooting Opportunity 88% Kill Success.
  • SECOND RIFLE SEASON: 100% Shooting Opportunity, 100% Deer Kill Success 79% Elk Kill Success.
  • THIRD RIFLE SEASON: 100% Deer Kill Success 70% Elk Kill Success.
  • FOURTH RIFLE ELK SEASON: 85% Kill Success.

We would like to thank you for considering us for your future Western Big Game hunt whether it be trophy elk, mule deer, turkey, or bear. We hope to have the pleasure of meeting you next fall to share with you the quality hunting we enjoy on our Colorado and New Mexico private ranches.